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What to do if the calf is thick

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What to do if the calf is thick

The weather is getting colder and colder, so you should keep warm and wear more. What I have recently shared with you is the little knowledge about skin care and makeup. While our faces have become beautiful, the beauty of wear and shape cannot be ignored. La.

   Our makeup, wear, and shape must all improve together, and become more beautiful together, so that the overall sense of beauty will be strengthened.

   It's a futile just because the face is good-looking, and the shape is not good-looking. Recently, many little fairies are asking about Weight loss and shaping, one of the most asked questions is about [thick calf].

   Causes of thick calf

   often lifts Erlang's legs

  The heavier the weight, the heavier the burden on the calves, the thicker

   Whether our calf is thick or not is actually related to our own weight. The heavier the weight, the heavier the burden on her lower limbs, and the heavier the burden on the lower limbs will make the calves thicker.

   So if you think your legs are too thick, you might as well see if your weight is a little overweight.

  Well, we girls, it’s usually best to keep your mouth shut. Except for three meals, try to avoid snacks and extra meals.

   After taking control of your favorite mouth, I believe you will lose a little weight, look better, and the burden on your lower limbs will be less.

   Improper standing and walking posture

   Are your standing and walking posture correct?

  Most people actually have the wrong posture when walking and standing. Many people like to move the center forward when they walk and stand, and they have developed a habit.

   Everyone can take a test, you stand now, and then your body's center of gravity slowly moves forward, take a closer look. Is it true that the more the body's center of gravity moves forward, the heavier the pressure load of the calf feels?

  Walking for a long time and moving the center of gravity forward when standing will cause the long-term load on the calves to increase, and the legs will become thicker.

   When we walk and stand, we must try our best to overcome bad habits such as stretching your neck forward, hunching your back, and pushing your belly forward. These habits will cause your center of gravity to move forward when you walk or stand.

   wear high heels for a long time

   Wearing high heels can enhance our temperament, can make our overall body proportions look better, can make the overall look more beautiful... etc.

   There are many advantages to wearing high heels, but there are also disadvantages to wearing high heels. Wearing high heels for a long time can easily deform your legs and make your calves thicker.

   I believe girls who have worn high heels for many years must have a deep understanding.

   When wearing high heels, the force on the soles of our feet is actually relatively small and uneven, so our calves have to bear a lot of "force".

   The heavier the burden on the calf, the thicker the leg. Therefore, in daily life, if you want to improve the problem of thick calf, then you still have to wear high heels less.

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